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FREE Online Programming Resources

As libraries are working hard to serve their communities online, we are working to provide you with programming resources and infromation in one easy and convenient location. If you have a resource that you would like to share, please submit it to

Children's/Youth Resources

*ABCYa-Learning Games for Pre-K through 6th Grade

*American Museum of Natural History "ology" website for kids

*Audible makes Reading Children's Stories Free While School is Out

*BBC Bitesize: Ages 3-16+

*BreakoutEDU: Immersive Learning Games for K-12

*BrainPop Jr: Free Stuff

*Curriki: Digital learning content for preschool through high school

*DK Find Out!: Fun Facts for Kids

*Dr. Universe: an animated cat answers all kinds of questions posed by kids

*Education Companies Offering Free Subscription Due to School Closings

*Explore: view animals in their natural habitats

*Highlights: games, crafts, activities

*Home Together: Compilation of resources ranging from mental health to activities New April 2

*How Stuff Works: Educational Videos

*Free Access to Newsela's Distance Learning Suite During COVID-19

*Jamestown Settlement & American revolution Museum at Yorktown

*The Kids Should See This: Smart Videos for Curious Minds of All Ages

*Lakeshore Learning: Craft Ideas & Activities

*Leap From Social Studies

*NPR Kids and Family Podcast Directory

*National Geographic Kids

*Oxford Owl: Free e-Book Library for Kids (Ages 3-11)

*PBS Kids

*Preschool Express: crafts, activities and finger plays for early eduction

*Project Explorer: Free videos from around the world for grades 3-12

*Prospect Community Library YouTube Channel

*Ranger Rick: stay entertained and engaged in the natural world

*San Diego Zoo Tour

*Scholastic Projects to Keep Kids Reading, Thinking and Growing

*Smithsonian Distance Learning Lab

*Switchzoo: Play games and learn about animals

*Virtual Field Trips

*What was There: view archives of historical photographs from anywhere

*Wild Earth TV: Provides a live safari and sunrise and sunset daily New April 3

*Wonderopolis: Educational Articles and Hotspots for K-12

*Yoga with Little Twisters

Computer Science, Coding and Making

Reading, Grammar and Languages
Adult/College Resources
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