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Prospect Community Library Public Computer Policy

Prospect Community Library has 4 computers available for public use. All of them have high speed access to the internet. Additionally, all have Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher.

Please read this policy thoroughly, as your computer privileges can be suspended if you do not abide by the following:


  • Patrons must use their personal library card to log onto computers

  • Maximum of 2 persons per computer

  • Music must be played at a volume that does not disrupt other patrons

  • No X-rated content permitted


  • Library card must have enough money on it to cover printing costs

  • Money can be added at any time at the circulation desk

  • If you are having trouble printing, please ask for assistance

  • Report lost cards to the circulation desk

  • Black and white: $.20/page

  • Color: $.50/page


  • Maximum time allowed per day is 180 minutes

  • Initial session is 60 minutes

  • Two possible extensions of 30 minutes each

  • Computers shut down automatically when the library closes


All computer users agree to follow all regulations stated in this policy. All users agree to take proper care of equipment and to pay any applicable replacement costs of equipment that has been damaged due to their carelessness or negligence in reporting malfunctions to library staff. Failure to abide by this policy may result in suspension of future computer privileges.

All users are presented our computer policy and MUST agree to them prior to using the computer.

Free Wifi

The library is an Armstrong Hot Spot where you may access Wifi at no charge.

Prospect Community Library Wireless Access Policy

I understand and agree to comply with all of the following conditions:

  • I will comply with all state and federal laws and the Butler County Federated Library System's policies and procedures.

  • I understand that open, unsecured wireless network "HotSpots" are freely and easily accessible (by design) from wireless enabled devices, therefore, due to this inherent "un-secured" nature, certain services have been disabled for your protection, ie. SSL - secure socket layer (used in online banking).

  • I understand and acknowledge that the Internet contains information, both written and pictorial, which may be offensive or harmful to me or to others.

  • I release the Library from all liabilities associated with my viewing of, use of, or exposure to any information, machine readable file, picture, graphical representation, or illustration I may encounter while using this wireless connection, whether or not such information appears or is delivered through the station I operate.

  • I will not violate any state or federal statute including those regarding obscenity, pornography, or delivery to minors material deemed harmful to them.

  • understand that I create, store, and use personal files at my own risk and that the Library is not responsible for the loss of personal electronic documents, USB drives, and/or files.

  • I understand and accept that my failure to comply with Library policies and procedures will result in Library penalties that range from suspension of Internet privileges through permanent eviction from the Library.

  • I understand that the Bulter County Federated Library System reserves the right to change its public use workstation access policies and procedures.

  • I understand that individual Library staff members are not authorized to modify these policies.

  • I understand that individual Library staff will not offer hardware, network or laptop support in any way. And that it is my responsibility to know how to set-up, configure and use my wireless enabled device for open, unsecured network access.

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