• Send photos or videos of activities to the library as you complete them. A certificate template will be emailed to you once we receive the first item. Badges from completed activities will be sent to you via email and can be copy and pasted into the certificate template as a record of your accomplishments!

  • Accumulated points can be turned in for small prizes and for chances on grand prizes. See the PRIZE PAGE for details.

Read books in the categories listed to earn a Bingo by composing a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, or each of the four corner squares. Note the book you read, then turn in your card by August 15th. There will be a special prize if the whole card is completed. Click HERE for the book bingo pdf. If all activities completed: 300 points. Otherwise, 10 points per square completed. Additional 15 points per book read beyond the first card.

Earns You

& 300 Points


Let your creativity emerge by "twisting" a classic fairy tale! Teens will choose a classic fairy tale to "twist" and will develop their story over the course of the summer reading program. Meeting June 12 & 26 and July 10 & 24, we will focus on a different literary element of fairy tales and discuss ways that they can change the story to fit their creative vision. A special opportunity to share or read the finished masterpieces will be determined towards the end of the program. How we meet will be dependent upon how many teens sign up. Please email the library if interested.

Earns You

& 100 Points


Many virtual escape rooms have been developed over the last few months. Click the links below for free escape rooms that you can complete. You will receive 10 points for each one that you do. Email the library with the answers to the riddles/puzzles to receive your points and badge.

Room #1                   Room #2                   Room #3                   Room #4

Earns You

& 10 Points


Post #GetCaughtReading photos to your Instagram with the added hashtag #PCLteens2020. Receive 5 points for each picture posted, with a maximum of 5 posts allowed for points. If you don't have an account, email your photos to the library and we will put them on our Instagram. 

Earns You

& 10 Points


Read a story about magical creatures to find inspiration. Create your own magical creatures in the form of a puppet, drawing, sculpture, etc. using a variety of materials (e.g., cardboard, colored paper, felt, cloth scraps, Popsicle sticks, feathers, fake fur, buttons, or beads). Incorporate the features of unicorns, dragons, and other magical creatures that you have read about in the books. Email a picture using the link above to collect your points and badge.

Earns You

& 10 Points


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